Trust Yourself

As Caregivers, (and sometimes including family and friends), you have so many overlapping and even conflicting responsibilities. The importance of staying whole and “in the moment” is essential for a positive quality of life. It may seem counterintuitive, but science is confirming that happiness may be attained by small incremental changes in habits and viewpoints. Our goal is to forward that mission.


We are dedicated to providing you motivation and support in these three broad subject areas: a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit, in whatever way you define it. Each week, we’ll post rich content that supports and lifts you for a more positive outlook, and give you the tools to advocate and navigate the community and the medical system more confidently.

We don’t want you to fall behind in your dreams and hopes, so we’ll also help you advance your Leadership and Communication skills, providing your personal growth, even when you feel you cannot find room in that schedule for yourself. Your growth, confidence, and positive outlook helps you – but also helps your entire household and extended friends and family. You matter. We will continue to emphasize the benefits of you recognizing and acknowledging that vital fact!

awardsLook forward to short videos and webinars to view or share during achievable pockets of time, new books that inform, alerts to peer support meet-ups, and so much more. Healthy bodies need healthy nutrition and exercise and regular sleep. Healthy minds do best with fresh information or ways to manage stress, relieve anxiety, and increase knowledge for greater peace of mind. Spiritually, we affirm our choices for walking by faith, through meditation and/or prayer, and in uplifting statements and quotes.

boatHappiness is achievable even under the worst of circumstances. We know your days seem relentless some days, and sleep elusive. Exercise may be limited to lugging laundry or children, and your prayers or thoughts may surround a central theme of “Please help me continue”, but we will work to lighten your load, provide you with a safe place to ask questions, and coax laughter and joy out of the more difficult moments.

Thank you for joining us as we renew our journey to bring you pertinent, interesting, and even intriguing new developments that make our community (online and offline) more prepared and able to adapt more flexibly with expanded knowledge and options.

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