About Us

“We will all either be a Caregiver or need a Caregiver someday”®
~ Linda Kreter

We exist to bring value to you immediately. With a video, a resource, a contact, a question answered, or a radio podcast, you will learn something you can apply instantly. We’ve carefully listened and responded to your needs – and will continue to do so going forward.

As a veteran or a Caregiver of a veteran or service member, your life may be altered by injury, illness, or aging. If you’re feeling isolated or alone, want or need people around you who “get it”, and you’d benefit from networking with peers and professionals, community health and recovery resources, you’ve come to the right place. Caregiver Peer Support is remarkable and valued and helping or receiving help can come at just the right time to make a difference.

When in Doubt, Reach Out!®

Websites abound, but in reality, it’s the people who care and act responsibly to support you that will help bridge your days from one to the next. Thank you for joining us; we welcome you!

Linda Kreter
Linda Kreter
Founder & CEO
WiseHealth, Inc.

Linda Kreter is a serial entrepreneur with companies in clinical drug development, marketing, advertising, telecommunications, multimedia outreach, veteran/caregiver advocacy, and augmented communication strategies. Today as CEO of WiseHealth, Inc., Linda uses this experience to enhance outreach, education, and engagement for large, significant populations (veterans, family caregivers, seafarers/maritime, and women over 40) via edu-taining videos, syndicated podcasts reaching 4,000,000 monthly listeners, and traditional media/social media communities. Linda is a military and family caregiver Subject Matter Expert who speaks, writes, and advocates for improvements in health and wellness delivery, and is a John Maxwell Team certified coach. She earned her degree in biology at Smith College. More at www.WiseHealth.com.

Caregivers of Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Service Family Advisors. WiseHealth is grateful for the ongoing volunteer efforts of Caregivers, service members and veterans. Caregivers from both the active duty and veteran community assist in recommending and vetting new online features to best support family Caregivers, wounded warriors, and service families for VeteranCaregiver.com. Wounded Warriors and Veterans are especially crucial in providing real-time feedback to newly-emerging issues along the care continuum and in Suicide Prevention. This is an ever-evolving team seeking compassionate care and improved communications for the best physical and mental health outcomes. We express our sincere appreciation for their contributions.

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